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Jason Mitchell Foundation

"No One Is Left Behind"

The Jason Mitchell Foundation is a tax deductible, nonprofit organization and recognized by IRS 501(c)(3) requirements.

The Jason Mitchell Foundation will hold annual fundraising to assist with funding for scholarship awards and annual donations to those individuals who have exhibited a need.  Whether it is a scholarship applicant and/or a homeless shelter, "No One Will Be Left Behind."



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The purpose of the Foundation is to extend a hand and make sure "No One Is Left Behind". The application process is the key to our Foundation's mission. It enables a wide variety of people who could not otherwise have an opportunity to apply when marginal. Our Foundation is a multi cultural organization founded in memory of our beloved son to enhance the development of young adults. This involves motivation of their spiritual well-being, quest for education and development of their self-esteem. Our Foundation will reward young adults, through fund-raising and voluntary donations, who have shown exceptional personal courage, drive, initiative and motivation in the face of adversity; and to encourage them to continue beating the odds. A monetary gift award ranging from $500.00 to $1,000.00 per recipient will be given annually based on the Foundation's criteria. The Foundation will present monetary gifts to the most deserving young adult(s) in any area where the individual has exhibited a need.

The Foundation will publicize through newspapers, magazines and various other publications that provide lists of available monetary gifts and scholarships and their criteria for eligibility.

The Foundation provides assistance to those in need and monetary support to programs that focus on the youth and community at large.  Annual scholarships are presented to deserving individuals meeting the qualifications set forth by the Foundation.  Join us in our effort to assist families in Flint, Baton Rouge and other areas experiencing disaster recovery.

Contact Information

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P.O. Box 94051

Pasadena, California 91109-1389

Fundraising information

Help support the Jason Mitchell Foundation.

Annual scholarship recipients and/or other donations will be shown on this website.  Check back often to see how you can help!

Application Process

Click here to submit your application.

2017 Scholarship Recipients

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Established in 2004, the Foundation is a lasting tribute to our son "Jason". Jason was known for his concern of helping the less fortunate, caring for homeless men, women and children, education at all levels, compassion for animals and the well being of society. His wish was to travel abroad to Africa and help with the personal development of those less fortunate. We believe by encouraging volunteer involvement in fund raising effort and beyond, his memory will live on through the work of the Foundation by making a difference in the lives of many.

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© Jason Mitchell Foundation

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